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Bison Panel prefab Houses


Bison panel can be extensively used for the construction of modular houses for dwelling purpose. The board is used for dry wall construction as well as on underlay for roofs and they suit varying weather & terrain conditions. Thousands of shelters have been supplied to numerous organizations in the private and public sectors including Defense and Para military forces

Varieties of the houses include farm houses, dwelling houses, row houses, project houses, rest houses, guest houses, hill resorts, store sheds, penthouses, security cabins, mobile check posts, industrial sheds, shelters for disaster management, defense barracks, school buildings etc

NCL has adopted simple track and panel system for accurate alignment of walls required for the shelters. The ‘S'-shaped profile and ‘W’-shaped profiles are used for making the panel walls in single skin and double skin respectively. Same profiles are also used for the assembly of roof sheets in single skin and double skin. The wall panels are inserted in bottom track fixed on foundation with screws and self expanding plugs. The panel walls, 4 feet width, are inserted in 'W' profile & then aligned in the bottom track. Special panels are made to accommodate doors and windows. Another track channel is fixed on the top of the wall panels to make the walls stable. Separate light weight steel box sections are provided as vertical posts for fixing trusses over which roof underlay sheets or GCI sheets are fixed

The construction technique is simple. First, a thin channel section frame (Ground track) is fixed on a level base with screws and plugs. The track frame will be as per the plan configuration of the shelter. Bison panels fitted with steel profiles are then inserted in the track frame vertically by interlocking the joints of the panels to form a continuous panel wall

Specially designed posts are provided for the wall junctions and the corners. During erection, the wall panels are held in position by providing temporary props or supports. Upon completion of the wall panels, another channel frame (top track) is fixed on the top of the panel walls to keep the wall panels tight in position. The top track also helps to distribute the roof load uniformly on the wall panels. Special panels and ready fit frames are used for doors and windows

Light weight trusses and purlins are fixed on the top track with specially designed components. Roof sheets are then spread on the purlins duly interlocking the panels as was done in the case of wall panels. Roofs can be either gable type or pitched type. A roof coat is given to the panels to prevent leakages

The advantages of Bison shelters are many:

  • The shelters are made in small components for easy transportation even to difficult terrains
  • As structures are light, they require very little foundation. They can be erected on any firm base or on stilts.
  • The erection is simple and fast and requires no high skills.
  • These shelters can be dismantled and re-erected with minimum loss of materials.
  • They are comfortable, durable and cost effective since they save, massively, on project time.

Why Bison Panel Shelters?

  • SIMPLE ENGINEERING :The systems developed by NCL comprise of simple engineering requiring no high skills & no heavy machinery requirement for erection. The shelters are constructed with track & panel system developed by NCL
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT :All components like wall panels, window panels, door panels, trusses, & roof elements are made separately in small elements that can be easily transported to any difficult terrain. Further, shelters can dismantle & re-erected in different locations, if needed
  • REQUIRE VERY LITTLE FOUNDATION :The shelters are designed on the basis of light weight & high strength. Hence, very little foundations are required
  • SPEED OF ERECTION :Once the foundation required for the shelters is ready, they can be constructed in a short time. For example, a shelter of 1000 sq. ft. can be erected & made ready for occupation in 8 to 10 hours
  • LESS SKILLS REQUIRED FOR CONSTRUCTION :The technique involved in execution is simple & requires only few hands. One trained hand with three or four helpers can easily handle the work
  • THEY ARE DURABLE :As the chief matrix of Bison Panel is cement, the structures made of it are as durable as cement products. If they are not subjected to physical damage, the structures would have a life of decades.
  • THEY ARE COMFORTABLE :Since Bison panels do not cause condensation & have superior thermal qualities, the shelters are comfortable for living in cold & hot regions alike. However, provision for false ceiling & thermal packing of walls are part of the system adopted in the construction of the shelters to ensure comfort.
  • SHELTERS ARE SCALABLE :Bison Panel Shelters have the flexibility & adoptability from a small hut to a huge industrial shed or a posh building with modern amenities & luxuries. Hence, they can be custom made as per the individual requirements of the clients.
  • SHELTERS CAN BE FITTED WITH MODERN AMENITIES :The shelters can be provided with modern amenities like false ceiling, corridors, lobbies, modern kitchen rooms, comfortable bed rooms, attached toilets, & electrical fittings like fans, air conditioners, etc. as in the case of conventional buildings.
  • SHELTERS ARE DESIGNED FOR VARYING PURPOSES :NCL has designed a number of models for farm-houses, resorts, store sheds, site offices, project houses, individual sheds, school buildings, etc. using the above concept. These models have been tested for their behavior during fire accidents & heavy rains. They were also tested against shocks experienced during earth quakes. Individual elements were also tested for their strength at the Structural Engineering Research Laboratory in Chennai, India.
  • SHELTERS CAN WITHSTAND EXTREMES OF WEATHER :Bison can withstand varying seasonal conditions viz rain, wind, or snow, & do not spread fire. They have excellent thermal insulation & are earthquake resistant. Shelters have been subjected to fire, rain, & earthquake tests.
  • INCLUSION IN DGS&D RATE CONTRACT :Since 2000, Bison Panel Prefab specifications & systems are included in the Rate Contracts of the Directorate General of Supplies & Disposal which is part of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry in the Government of India. Consequently, NCL has supplied structures in bulk to numerous organizations within the government.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE CAPABILITY :NCL has an in-house roll forming facility to manufacture all types steel profiles required for Prefab construction. In addition, NCL also has an in-house design facility & has trained more than 1200 people (on contract) in erection works.
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