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Decking With Bison Panel


Bison panel is ideal for duct covers, decking for catwalk bridges, decking for operation platforms, planking for steps, parquet floors, dance floors, attics, etc. Bison can be used for sidings on walls

Wall Cladding (Double Skin)

Recommended thicknesses: 10mm, 12mm & 14mm

  • Wall cladding procedure is similar to exterior wall procedure i.e. sliding frame method. If provision for bottom and top track fixing is not possible, a box section or a hat profile may run along the wall for fixing the U – tracks.

Bison Panel Wall Siding

Recommended thickness: 12mm, 14mm & 16mm

  • Panel sidings present a majestic and oriental look for the building walls. The sidings can be made with 8” to 12” widths in suitable lengths.
  • C Studs or timber studs, 2 feet or 610mm apart can be screwed to the structure. The installation can be done with an overlap of 30 to 50 mm.
  • For bottom most strip, suitable packing equal to the thickness of the board strip can be given on the support to get required elevation. If required 8mm thick Bison panel can be used as underlay.

Roof Underlays or Decking

Recommended thicknesses: 8mm & 10mm

  • Used for roof underlays or decking for fixing tiles or shingles.
  • Roof under lays will serve to offer better thermal comfort and sound reduction. The panels are fixed on purlins over trusses spaced at designed intervals. C Sections, Box Sections or Timber Studs can be used as purlins.
  • However, spacing of trusses and purlins will have to be decided on the covering material used and as per the structural designer’s recommendations.
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